silmix® - ready to use htv silicone rubber compounds


silmix® silicon compounds are processed by utilising pressure – free method in > 100°C temperature inside a tunnel filled with hot air, UV or in salt melted bath.

Wide scope of both resistance parameters and hardness within the range of 30-90ShA enables to manufacture any required shapes that would meet your particular requirements that is.:

  • resistance to media,
  • resistance to water steam up to 130°C,
  • dry surface,
  • resistance to low and/ or high temperatures (within the range of -50°C - +300°C),
  • relatively low compression set,
  • high tear resistance (up to 50kN/m),
  • non-flammability and flame resistance,
  • etc.

All silmix® compounds possess perfect processing properties and fast curing. Selected types are ideal for manufacturing thin-wall extruded products having perfect mechanical and resistance parameters as well as high transparency. We enclose a BfR and/ or FDA food facilities certificates that include detailed parameters of the required production method upon request. Compounds are available in natural colour, according to RAL colour chart or in compliance with delivered colour chart.

Selected applications:

  • hoses, tubes, seals,
  • seals for autoclaves,
  • oven seals,
  • freezer doors gaskets,
  • windows profile,
  • high resistance shapes for selected media,
  • high mechanical properties profiles and hoses,
  • and many others

Designed by: AGINUS

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