silmix® - ready to use htv silicone rubber compounds

Electric conduction

EC silmix® and AES silmix® compounds.

Electro – conducting and anti – electrostatic compounds are intended to be processed by utilising either a pressure method in molds (compression molding and transfer molding) as well as by utilising an injection method (injection molding).

EC silmix® compounds have a volume resistivity from 2 Ω⋅cm – we are able to adjust electrical parameters to your particular requirements.

We offer both highly electro-conductive and electro – static compounds – with charge downleading properties – fully in compliance with your requirements.

Selected applications:

  • electro-conducting plates and elements,
  • anti – electrostatic plates and elements,
  • electrodes,
  • electro-conducting or charge downleading rollers coatings,
  • steering elements keyboards for telephones, remote controls etc.,
  • and many others

Designed by: AGINUS

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